Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a great Easter this year. The kids got their baskets in the morning and then we got ready and went over to my mom and dad's around 10. The kids got their Easter present from my parents and we had an egg hunt with them, which they loved. Their dad picked them up at noon and took them over to his mom and dad's for dinner, an egg hunt, and cake and ice cream for Brooke's birthday. I picked them up at 4 and took them back to my mom and dad's and we had dinner an then another egg hunt since they loved the first one so much. Of course I have pictures to share :-).

Brooke's basket...she got a My Little Pony, stuffed duck, Littlest Pet Shop bunny, 2 mini baby dolls, and candy.

And Ryan's basket....he got Yahtzee Jr., a How To Train Your Dragon egg, a Play-Doh play set, extra Play-Doh, and candy.

Brooke getting excited because she saw me carrying the baskets in. She said, "Awww, cute!" LOL.

Checking out the loot.

She loves the bendy rabbit.

She emptied it out in no time lol.

He loved the sports ball eggs.

And the dragon egg.

The kids' gift from my mom and dad.

Reading the sidewalk crayons package. He will read (or try to read) anything.

Brooke was standing at the window calling for Pap when he was outside.

Trying out the sidewalk crayons.

One wasn't enough :-P. LOL.

Ryan liked cleaning the writing off. Brooke was trying to write with the wrong end of the (closed) marker lol.

That's better.

Ryan drew an Easter egg :-).
LOL at Brooke's expression!

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